Why have a Pride?

In 2015 and in the majority of the UK, this can be seen as a valid question. Prides were originally conceived to campaign for equal rights and acceptance from our peers and wider communities. Over the last 30 years our landscape has changed almost beyond recognition. With the repeal of Section 28, lowering the age of consent and same sex marriage, coupled with a wider acceptance from the general community, Pride can feel like it has become a redundant party.

The truth is that in most of the UK we are luckily enough to be in this position, there are some people who do not believe that equality is right. Homophobic crime is a major problem in certain areas of the UK and same sex marriage is not yet legal in Northern Ireland. Abroad there are a large number of countries where homosexuality is illegal and where LGBT hate crimes are almost encouraged by their governments.

Pride is still a much needed annual landmark in order to not only celebrate what has been accomplished, but also to remember that work is yet to be done. There are millions of people throughout the world that are without the basic human rights we have come to expect in our day to day lives.